Everyone’s watching, so go big, go outdoor

Billboards are an Out of Home (OOH) advertising format that allow advertisers like you to think big…nope, think bigger than that! A recognised format and old favourite of marketers, it’s continued to form part of the most comprehensive advertising plans, owing to its sheer size, guaranteed audience, value for money and visibility.  

Out of Home panels are crucial components in standing out amongst your competitors and billboard advertising provides a platform for you to emphasise your presence morning, noon and night, 365 days of the year. Combining photographic and slogan based messaging, billboards quite simply help get the job done, with customers finding you.

Want to stop them in their tracks? The high definition, high brightness large format digital screens used in prime advertising locations such a Piccadilly lights was once reserved for the most elite global brands, however accessibility to this advertising technology has improved vastly over recent years, and now you too can take advantage of this highly efficent format because OOH has gone digital! Make every pixel count with Digital Out of Home (DOOH). Take a look at some of the out of home panels we can offer across the country including shopping centres and international airports: 

Monster Outdoor can help you plan, book and launch your Billboard advertising campaign throughout the UK towns and cities.

Billboard Advertising Media