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The Brief

University of Aberdeen, one of the UK’s oldest universities, and recently nominated best in Scotland, contacted Monster Outdoor to help plan a clearing outdoor advertising campaign.

Clearing is one of the busiest periods of the calendar for education establishments as students try to arrange late applications to their preferred course and university, based on their received grades. University of Aberdeen wanted to reach out to their target audience to remind potential students of the benefits of studying at their world renowned institution.

The Proposal

London was identified as a high value area as it is one of the most densely populated, economically and socially diverse cities in Europe. London also contains some of the most exclusive colleges and higher education establishments in the UK making it a great fit.

In order to achieve maximum impact, we advised that a digital cross track campaign on the London underground would help maximise their creative, as well as achieve a high number of views with extended dwell times.

The Outcome

Spread across 20 digital projections located in key stations such as Piccadilly Circus , Marble Arch, Oxford Circus and Euston station, the campaign helped the University of Aberdeen illuminate London and the underground with their brand.

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