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The Brief

We were approached by Vodafone to create a large presence in the Lord Mayor’s Show held every year in London. The objective was to create a high impact visual that would help them stand out from the crowd and raise brand awareness.

The Proposal

Utilising our Tri-sided Digital Advan, we had created a bespoke campaign with custom vinyl wrapping our Advan with their brand colour we also created a unique rooftop awning of the London skyline to re-enforce Vodafone’s position as the capitals mobile network provider. The advan would take a prominent position at the front of the procession whilst Vodafone’s promo staff walk beside the vehicle engaging with the Audience. 

The Outcome

During the parade, Monster had perfectly timed the creative on the LED screen’s to change over whilst the van drove past a specific landmark to mention the history of the area. This was achieved through great communication between Vodafone and Monster.

With the combination of the bespoke advan, graphics on the screens and music, the campaign had created great engagement between the Vodafone promo staff and the audience as they were interacting with the staff positively.

Overall the campaign was a huge success and we had raised brand awareness during the parade as well as in the press.

The Video