As GCSE results day was among us we worked with college’s to promote enrolment across the UK. The four college’s we worked with were Shipley, Kirklees, North Lindsey and Barking & Dagenham college.

The digital advan was at busy locations where we knew those receiving their results would be. The benefits of out-of-home advertising allows us to target the audience without focusing only on one method. We were able to gauge interest and able to provide information to our target market.

Our campaign goal was to raise awareness about the options after school nationally. Enrolling on to college courses is still something young people have enquiries about, even on results day.
Our aim was to promote how these institutes still offer places and let them know how to get in touch.

In order to prepare for this campaign we researched the most suitable locations for us to advertise. Having the flexibility to choose our routes we are able to find out what works best for our clients.

Having extensive experience with delivering out-of-home advertising campaigns in the education sector, we have applied our knowledge to the projects.

When thinking about advertising we believe there are different platforms, out-of-home advertising can deliver your message straight to your audience.