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Despite a down turn in Ad spend in 2019, Out-of-home (OOH) advertising remains a bright spot, thanks to growth in digital OOH and in the transportation sector where there are increasingly more digitised ads in stations and on transit vehicles. So with this in mind what else does the outdoor advertising industry have in-store for 2020 to ensure continued growth.

The UK OOH industry was worth £1.21bn in 2018 and almost half of that (49.9%) was digital. In 2019, OOH was forecast to grow by 6.9%, compared with 13.4% for DOOH.

Go programmatic or go home

Agencies are calling on out-of-home media owners to provide more digital inventory to trade programmatically. The ability to combine multiple adverts and full motion creatives has helped increase the profile of programmatic DOOH in the main stream as marketing executives and advertisers begin to realise the power of better measurement, effectiveness and tailored content delivery. As traditional billboards and bus stops phased out programmatic will eventually be the main stay of most campaigns.

Touch point & channel Integration

The ability to integrate digital channels, TV, radio and even print will continue throughout 2020. As the technology continues to develop, scalable content opportunities will rise, providing advertisers with the ability to produce intelligent campaigns across multiple channels.

Data driven decision making

As the switch to digital picked up pace, 2019 was all about data. Identifying relevant data sources and demonstrating the links between location planning and campaign effectiveness. During 2020 this process looks to become more refined leading to more data led campaign planning with measurable outcomes.

Make them part of the story

Creative and engaging campaigns allow audiences not only to observe but to interact, be entertained and build relationships with brands in real life. Creating a positive memorable impression for audiences through such inclusion helps brands get closer to their consumer.