We kicked off our most recent campaign to look at how we can benefit an international charity. Islamic Relief are a faith-based humanitarian charity and have been providing aid for over 20 years. The charity have made a difference across the globe and wanted to increase donations in the Holy month of Ramadan. It’s a month where Muslims fast all around the world and are encouraged to give money to charity to increase their rewards. It’s a key month, and Islamic Relief wanted to target donors around the UK.

Instead of saturating the third sector with repetitive campaigns, we targeted specific areas with simple messages. During the significant month we wanted to ensure the message was directly reaching the audience in masses. Digital campaigns are great but our Monster Outdoor van showcased the appeals directly to donors.

We toured across the United Kingdom and selected locations where we knew there would be donors at key locations and busy periods. We attended Taraweeh prayers (night prayers during Ramadan) in London, Midlands and Yorkshire. These busy locations allowed us to target our audience.

Islamic Relief saw an increase in donations and managed to raise awareness about their appeals and show how many people they are supporting around the world.

Tufail Hussain, Deputy Director and Head of Fundraising at Islamic Relief: “We always look for innovative ways to reach our audience. Ramadan is such an important month and we wanted to try something new and make an impact. The ad vans dynamically delivered our message into the heart of our target communities across the UK”