From the bullring to the exhibition centre, large civil service sector and healthcare worker Birmingham is a dynamic multicultural city in which to advertise your business, product, brand or PR event with our tri side Digital Advans & Mobile billboards.

With a growing population of over 1.1 million people, Birmingham is a thriving commercial centre in the heart of the Midlands.  The UK’s second largest city, Birmingham has been internationally acclaimed as the best place to invest for business. Birmingham  is also famously known for its shopping, with 20% more 15-34 year olds than the UK average advertisers benefit from targeting these high spending consumers.

Our mobile digital billboards are ideal for bringing your message to an audience where static media cannot reach and with the technical capabilities of TV, Radio & online advertising media due to our large high quality screens and powerful in built sound system. Our digital advertising vans are able to through a selection of audience demographics on a daily basis

Mobile, high-quality and targeted, there’s a reason why brands choose Monster. Our vans showcase messages on the most advanced screens on the market, and we’re experts in creating impact