London’s Hard-To-Beat Commuter Outdoor Format


The underground offers an unrivalled opportunity to bring your brand to the attention of London’s crowds. From tourists, to business travellers, leisure commuters and local residents, it has the power to reach a huge amount of people.

Accessing the best planning tools, we’re able to create a campaign to hit all your objectives, and to reach your audience where they stand.  


4.8 million passenger journeys across the network each day


London commuters spend an average of 48 minutes a day on the tube, providing ample dwell time


60% of tube users recognise when a new advert appears along their regular journey or commute


70% of respondents admitted to taking time to notice advertising on the underground

Popular Advertising Sectors

Retail Sector

With 1 in 5 Tube users being ABC1 aged 15-34, Tube advertising is a cost-effective way of targeting an audience that can be expensive to reach through TV advertising. London Underground users also have a much higher than average income, with the London median salary being 57% higher than the rest of the UK.

Film & Media Sector

Tube advertising offers the potential to reach out to London’s diverse population of over 8 million people, as well as visitors from all corners of the UK and indeed the whole world. And it is this mass exposure to a hugely varied audience with extended dwell times that keeps Film and T.V promoters using the London Under Ground as a proven advertising environment

Travel & Tourism Sector

London is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. The city is home to an array of famous attractions drawing in over 20.42 million international visitors in 2018 alone. This combined with the most creative formats available in advertising and supported by a Wi-fi network makes targeting travellers and those with wanderlust the easy part.

Huge Coverage 

Reaching 4.8m people every single day across the network, advertising on the underground will absolutely deliver the numbers. Whether you need to target a specific location, or get as much reach as possible, there’s an option to suit you.

Unique formats 

If you want unique, the underground is an environment with plenty of opportunities. Here you can find formats that don’t appear anywhere else, immediately drawing the eye and creating a point of difference. From Cross Track billboards to digital escalator panels, there’s something for every campaign and budget.

Adaptable environment 

The range of format choices in underground advertising gives everyone a level playing field. Whether you’re a global brand or a small business, you can find the perfect option to showcase your brand and reach out to huge audiences.

Tube Advertising Formats

4 Sheets

If you want to maximise coverage and frequency 4 sheets on the underground are the way to do it. Not only does it give you access to a mass audience, you can also scale up or down to fit your exact brief.


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Cross Track 48 & 96 sheet

In full view of a captive audience, Cross Track 48 and 96 sheets go beyond your average advertising format. They dominate the space, and are positioned across the platform, in direct view of anyone waiting for the tube. Dwell time also means people have the chance to absorb your message.


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6 Sheets

Placed in the most attention-grabbing, high footfall areas in tube stations, 6 sheets are a clever alternative for hitting your audience. Perfectly positioned to draw the eye, classic in size, and they come in both print and digital forms.


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Tube Car Panels

If you want to a fresh take on your campaign, tube car panels are the ideal way to do it. Set just above standing height opposite seated areas, these are the adverts people gaze at during a journey. They provide excellent coverage for urban travellers.


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(lift & escalator panels)

Otherwise known as LEPs, these signs are what people see when they enter or exit the station. This enables you to target by location and avoid wastage. Panels are also either print or digital, so you can choose a format to suit your creative.


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Digital Escalator Panels

Dynamic, hard-hitting, and eye-catching, Digital Escalator Panels or DEPs provide extra creative flair to the simplest concepts. Serve ads that change as passengers make their way up or down the escalators for even more impact and greater recall.
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After meeting Monster Outdoor and seeing their vans, I was impressed with their production support, route mapping and post-campaign analysis. We went on to use Monster for our full summer marketing campaign. Combining artwork, music and video, we maximised our campaign and went to places other advertising can’t reach.

Gemma DunnBradford College

We wanted to create a real buzz around Spectre, the latest James Bond film, in the local area. Monster’s quality screens meant we could broadcast visually stunning pictures along with great audio. Through proximity targeting we successfully grabbed people’s attention and we’d definitely use the team at Monster again.

Martin RobertsCineworld

We ran a campaign with Monster Outdoor to actively promote a 15% instore discount and drive footfall to our Preston store. Monster delivered a tactical local campaign, visiting high footfall areas like Deepdale Stadium and retail parks. This boosted the promotion, and we were thrilled with the results.

Irfaan MuradAl Murad Tiles

We always look for innovative ways to reach our donors, people want to know they are supporting those in need. Ramadan is such an important month and we wanted to try something new and make an impact.

Tufail HussainIslamic Relief