Stay in sight

Going underground doesn’t mean going invisible. For advertisers, London’s inhabitants and tourists provide a spectrum of opportunity to reach their target audience.

With a native population of 8 million and a further 30 million tourists visiting every year, London and its iconic underground system are frequented 3.5 million times a day. The mix of commuters and tourists make tube advertising ideal for not only national and local, but also international brands looking to engage commuters and tourists seeking a distraction whilst on their journey.

Did you know that underground users are 6 times more likely to recall an advert? That’s right, 6 times more likely and further yet with an average of 3 minutes waiting on the platform and 13 minutes sat inside a carriage looking at your advertising, rates of engagement are very high.

Here’s further details on some of the advertising opportunities available on the London Underground:

Tube Advertising Media