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Endgame Streetwear recently contacted Monster Outdoor to discuss how to take the clothing range to the people of London using a format that best matched its audience.

The Brief

Don’t just play the game, Destroy it! Endgame is a streetwear brand inspired by video game culture. They wanted to create a campaign that was visually striking and would enable them to create a buzz around their recently launched brand. The campaign would be used to target the public at street level as well as being used in online branding and marketing exercises.

The Proposal

After reviewing the creative and discussing the marketing strate and establishing what branding assets that would come from the campaign we pitched the idea of positioning the brand amongst iconic London as well as urban residential areas using or Mobile Digital billboards. We also offered an onsite videographer to produce additional campaign assets for use in their online activity.

The Outcome

By targeting iconic London locations that are easily recognisable around the world Endgame were able to reach international, well travelled young adults and areas that would capture the public’s attention. Music was also played so more people on the streets would turned their heads towards the advan. The video provided as a result of the campaign has also gained notice and prominence on their social media channels.
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