To celebrate, Monster Outdoor has designed a advertising & communication campaign to bring your business to the people during the festive time of Ramadan & Eid.

Using the latest outdoor digital formats, we can make your brand shine by bringing well wishing messages to your customers.

64% look to the high street to purchase Ramadan gifts

During the Ramadan season it is estimated that UK supermarkets generate £100m additional revenue.

More than three quarters of Muslims say they would like Brands to Engage with them during Ramadan.

Some shopping centres report an uplift of sales during the celebration of Eid ul Fitr with reports of a surge in footfall of up to 47%.

Ramadan & Your Business


Our findings show that spend cuts across multiple categories beyond food and beverage, with particular highlights on health and wellness, toys, personal care, cosmetics, fashion and leisure. Some shopping centres report an uplift of sales during the celebration of Eid ul Fitr with reports of a surge in footfall of up to 47%.

Food & Drink

Although spending time at home with family and friends is a prime activity, traditions are changing. 1 in 5 now go out for an Eid meal with this highest among 18 – 24 yr olds. During the month 57% eat at restaurants, and 71% order takeaway. The favourite food for Iftar for 18 – 24 yr olds is chicken and chips.


Muslim consumers are disappointed in current engagement by brands and retailers. 62% say that they are not being served well. But Muslims would like to invite brands into Ramadan, with 78% saying that they would be interested in those that did stock for Ramadan and Eid

Campaign Packages


7 x Days on Advans
+ 10 x Digital Phone boxes
+ 4 x Digital 48 Sheets
£10,000 + VAT

Visual Presence

3 x days on Advans
5 x Digital Phone boxes
2 x Digital 48 Sheets
£5,000 + VAT


2x days on Tri-sided Digital Advans
2 x Digital Phone boxes
£2,500 + VAT

Popular Formats

Tri-Sided Digital Advans

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Digital 48 Sheet

Digital 48 Sheets are one of the largest digital roadside formats available, providing you with standout and impact in key locations on both major arterial routes and high traffic suburban roads. Using key locations in the newest digital screens. These attention grabbing billboards offer mass coverage and scale, creating unavoidable impact. Targeting commuters on busy roads travelling to the night prayers and Eid Perfect for brand awareness.


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Digital Phone Boxes

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Step 2

ideas & objectives

Lets talk about your business, your target market, marketing objectives, product or brand and ultimately what you are trying to achieve. We will raise points regarding targeting; local, regional or national. Advise on the creative; is it right for the format and environment. Ultimately this conversation is to establish what we need to start building your campaign.

Step 3


Exactly how it sounds.. Your proposal will meet your business needs and budget with detailed recommendations. This step is convenient and simple – we select the most effective formats, locations and times for you.


Step 4


Once we have delivered your proposal, we will inform you of exactly how many people will be seeing your campaign, dwell times and how outdoor advertising has worked for companies like yours. We can give you examples of ROIs and brand recognition.


After meeting Monster Outdoor and seeing their vans, I was impressed with their production support, route mapping and post-campaign analysis. We went on to use Monster for our full summer marketing campaign. Combining artwork, music and video, we maximised our campaign and went to places other advertising can’t reach.

Gemma DunnBradford College

We wanted to create a real buzz around Spectre, the latest James Bond film, in the local area. Monster’s quality screens meant we could broadcast visually stunning pictures along with great audio. Through proximity targeting we successfully grabbed people’s attention and we’d definitely use the team at Monster again.

Martin RobertsCineworld

We ran a campaign with Monster Outdoor to actively promote a 15% instore discount and drive footfall to our Preston store. Monster delivered a tactical local campaign, visiting high footfall areas like Deepdale Stadium and retail parks. This boosted the promotion, and we were thrilled with the results.

Irfaan MuradAl Murad Tiles

We always look for innovative ways to reach our donors, people want to know they are supporting those in need. Ramadan is such an important month and we wanted to try something new and make an impact.

Tufail HussainIslamic Relief

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