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Let us plan your train advertising campaign. With stations across the UK, our hard-working format reaches commuters, offering huge creative possibilities. From broad exposure to location-specific impact, rail advertising is the solution for hitting busy locations.

Covering a myriad of sectors

Discover the Diverse Sectors Using Rail Advertising

Recruitment Sector

Rail is an ideal outdoor advertising environment for any recruitment campaign. It offers unrivalled access to commuters twice a day for extended dwell times.

With stations throughout the country, rail advertising gives you the ability to reach your audiences in their immediate areas, as well as the ability to target neighbouring towns or cities.

Tourism Sector

UK train stations are synonymous with people taking day trips, extended city breaks and family holidays. This makes rail a great way to reach audiences with targeted messages.

With a variety of formats available, advertisers have the creative freedom to promote locations or events in an eye-catching way.

Retail Sector

Stations are no longer simply places to travel through. Their shops, eateries and bars are a convenient place for people to shop and socialise.

Train advertising formats can deliver impactful campaigns with the flexibility to tailor your planning to a national or local scale.

Indoor Rail Advertising

1.7 Billion

Train journeys taken in the UK every year.

7-13 Minutes

The average dwell time in the rail environment. This leads to greater levels of recall for ads, the brand and the message.

Frequency Value

60% of rail commuters use the same station on a weekly basis, giving brands the opportunity to repeatedly reinforce their message

Audience Value

Rail audience is affluent and influential with 75% ABC1 and 57% business decision makers
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Reach even futher

Expand Your Reach: The Power of Rail Advertising

Commuter and Leisure

Rail advertising is a sure-fire way of reaching commuters, but it’s also a powerful way to capture leisure audiences. For brands looking to compete in that space, it makes rail a strong outdoor advertising platform.

Business Audiences

Business audiences are notoriously hard-to-reach. To make a statement in such a tough marketplace, you need the right format to deliver cut-through, Rail advertising gives you unbeatable access to large numbers of business travellers, every day of the week.

Big Reach

Scalable and smart, train advertising adds campaign touchpoints that meet your vision and budget. Whether that’s a focus is on a single station or an outdoor advertising package across the UK.

Rail Advertising Formats

4 Sheet

Budget-friendly, coverage building, and effective at capturing attention, rail advertising 4-sheets are the base of many campaigns, from businesses in the local marketplace, right through to global powerhouses.

Rail Advertising Formats

6 Sheet

In key locations around train, tram and rail stations, 6 sheets are hard to miss. With high dwell times and busy footfall, they deliver the numbers. And posters or digital displays on platforms, concourses, and by ticket machines enable you to play with creative executions.

Rail Advertising Formats

48 Sheet

48 sheets are hard to ignore. Place one in a high dwell time location like a train station and they give you even more visual impact. Perfect for putting your message up big and bold, it will earn you extra attention even in busy stations.

Rail Advertising Formats

Passenger Panels

Displayed on the interior of carriages, passenger panels communicate brand messages at eye-level for extra noticeability. Longer journeys mean greater dwell times, which result in the audience retaining more information.

Rail Advertising Formats

Ticket Gateways

You can’t enter a station without walking through a ticket gateway. By placing your train advertising on these points in a customer’s journey, you’ll be in full view of all rail commuters as they pass.

Rail Advertising Formats


Available as a network of digital displays, these landscape LED screens to offer unrivalled, big appeal as some of the UK’s busiest stations, including London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and Liverpool.

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