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Outdoor Advertising…

a guide

Buying Outdoor Advertising can be a daunting task, with some marketing execs and agencies believing it to be too expensive for their marketing budget. Add to this the many options, environments and formats to choose from the process can often seem overwhelming. So in order to help Monster Outdoor has decided to provide you with the following overview of how the process works.

Step 1

Drop us a line

Contact our team who will be happy to help.

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Step 2

ideas & objectives

This part will consist of us talking with you about your business – who you’re looking to target and what you would like your business to achieve e.g. If you wish to target local residents to increase footfall into your store. From this conversation we have what we need to start building your tailored proposal.

Step 3


After having built your proposal based on your business needs and budget, our local team will deliver their recommendation to you. This step is convenient and simple – we select the most effective sites for you.

Step 4


Having delivered your recommendation, we will tell you exactly how many people will be seeing your campaign and how outdoor advertising has worked for companies like yours. We can give you examples of the impact it had on them, including their return on investment.

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